Electric & Dual Fuel

Dual fuel cookers combine the even and fast cooking ability of the electric oven with the instant heat of a gas hob into one appliance. These dual fuel ovens feature fans to make sure heat is evenly dispersed. The benefit with P & S Gas Safe Engineers is that all of our Gas Safe Engineers are qualified in both trades, so your dual fuel appliance installation can be completed in one visit. This will save you both time and money. Our engineers are fully qualified (in both electric and gas) to fit dual fuel appliances. We also provide fully trained electricians (City & Guilds 17th edition 2382) to cover all your dual fuel and electric appliances. With many modern cooking appliances have both gas and electric elements to them. In most cases modern cooking appliances have a gas top and electric fan assisted oven. There are many considerations when using dual fuel appliances so please refer to FAQS for further information.

Cooker Connection

When instlling a gas cooker in your house, it is most important that the job is carried out by a qualified Gas Safe registered Engineer. Any cooker fitted by someone that is not a Gas Safe registered Engineer is considered illegal work. If you are having for example a kitchen refitted it could mean that a gas cooker installer has to fit new gas pipes. Fitting a new gas cooker should only be completed by a fully qualified Gas Safe Engineer. Messing around with gas connections could have fatal consequences. During a gas cooker installation, our P & S Gas Safe registered Gas Engineer will disconnect your old appliance and fit a new gas hose and bayonet; this is because the existing gas pipe may have become loose throught out its life span. Once the gas hose and bayonet is fitted, our Gas Safe Engineer will test the appliance for any gas leaks and ensure it is safe for operation. . Our P & S Gas Engineer will then provide you with a full guarantee and receipt. We fit gas cookers, hobs, ranges and built in double or single oven. All to a high standard and fully guaranteed

Service & Repairs

We are happy to carry out domestic yearly servicing to your gas cooker, hobs, ranges and built in double or single ovens. Most problems that affect electric ranges and ovens involve faulty heating elements. The majority of the problems that affect gas ranges involve the ignition and supply of gas in the burners and the oven. It's is important to have your gas cooker serviced each year. Cooker servicing can be done by our P & S Gas Safe Engineers. It is best to have them serviced them every year to avoid more serious and expensive problems. If at anytime you are having any problems with your appliance, do not wait until your annual gas cooker servicing is due before you call our P & S Gas Engineer. Cooker servicing can be completed at anytime by a gas cooker installer if and when required.

Gas cooker repair, oven repair and hob repair are part of the core skills set of all our Gas Safe Engineers.This in turn results in a quick and prompt response for service call outs. Although the gas cookers and ovens could be quite complex, the majority of cookers are repairable by our engineers. We can in most cases get fan heaters, motors and thermostats for a large number of cookers and ovens. We can get genuine replacement parts and in some cases get parts made to order (please phone to check availability).

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

As a landlord, you are required by law to hold a Gas Safe Certificate for any home supplied with gas. Landlords must arrange for an annual gas safety check to be carried out for all appliances, flues and pipe works and are legally responsible for the safety of their tenants.". This must be carried out every year by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer according to the the Gas Safety Regulations 1998.

The yearly gas safety inspection ensures that all gas appliances and flues in the property are safely installed according to current standards. Without an up-to-date Gas Safety Certificate, not only is your property insurance void but you could also be liable for potential civil claims.

After our P & S Gas Engineer has fitted your appliance your gas installer will test the appliance to make sure it is safe to use. Our Gas Safe Engineer will then issue you with a Gas Safety Certificate.

The Gas Safety Certificate normally comes in three parts:
1. One copy of the Gas Safety Certificate is kept by the engineer for his records.
2. Another copy of the Gas Safety Certificate is given to the Landlord.
3. The final copy of the Gas Safety Certificate is provided by the Londlord to the tenant.

If you’re a landlord and need a Gas Safety Certificate for your gas appliance we can provide this for you

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