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Considerations when buying a new gas or electric appliance:


Size of appliance can very, please check the size of the space in which you plan to put your new appliance in, otherwise carpentry work may be required.


Also when buying a new gas cooker / hob you must check you have adequate clearance above the cooker / hob. Gas safe regulations state there should be at least 76cm clearance above the appliance


(a) When buying a dual fuel appliance it is best to check that you have both electrical and gas points.
(b) Some dual fuel appliances will require a 30 amp cooker circuit (usually double ovens) however some of the single ovens only require a 13AMP plug or fused spur..


(a) Built in appliances (hob) If changing a 4 burner hob to a 5 burner hob please take into account the clearance above the unit and meets the regulation compliance
(b) If buying a like for like built in oven, there should no problem fitting your new appliance N.B. some older double ovens may be slightly larger size so please check measurements before purchasing product
(c) For a Electric double oven a 30amp cooker circuit will be required
(d) Some single ovens do require a 30 AMP Circuit, please check with your retailer before purchasing, however most are 13 AMP fused spur.


(a) If you are purchasing a free standing electric cooker please insure you have a 30 AMP cooker panel, this is normally a large white box with two red switches or alternatively can a white box with a single red switch. N.B. A single or double socket will not be sufficient to connect a electrical cooker.
(b) 30 AMP circuit is required for Electric hob. If you already have an electric hob you proberly have a 30 AMP isolator switch. N.B. a socket outlet/ fused spur will not be adequate to run an electric hob.